Baby Alexanderine Talking Parrot , Hand Tamed Parrots

//Baby Alexanderine Talking Parrot , Hand Tamed Parrots
  • Baby Alexanderin Talking Parrots
  • Baby Alexanderin Talking Parrots
  • Baby Alexanderin Talking Parrots
  • Baby Alexanderin Talking Parrots
  • Baby Alexanderin Talking Parrots
  • Baby Alexanderin Talking Parrots
  • Baby Alexanderin Talking Parrots
  • Baby Alexanderin Talking Parrots

Baby Alexanderine Talking Parrot , Hand Tamed Parrots

£275.00 £225.00

Baby Alexandrine Talking parrots

12 to 14 weeks old young babies, this is the best age to tame them , they are very friendly and play full birds. Best pet for the 1st time buyer, good with kids.

All photos are genuine.

very healthy, neat and clean fully feathered parrots that are kept indoors in a clean environment.

Viewing most welcome and we recommend that you visit our pet store and see all of the parrots available to make a selection of your choice or delivery can be arranged anywhere in the UK, Wales and Scotland.

Price: £225 each no offer please.

Brand new Good size Top open cages available for extra.

Parrots come with care sheet and Article, Please bring a pet carrier or you can buy one from our pet store

We are based in Hallgreen Birmingham, B28 8AE.

Our opening timings are Monday to Sunday 11am to 6:30pm

For more information please contact us on 07400944876

Product Description

Among so many other pets that we have, we adore and love this tiny creature more than anything. They are naughty, playful and intelligent. Baby Alexandrine Parrot is a gentle bird and has a larger beak. Do you know they were once considered as prized possession for royalty in Europe? Above all they are known for its mimicking ability which mesmerizes us every time we hear them speaking.

About us:

We are Birmingham based bird trader. We have many beautiful varieties of parrots in stock. All birds are neat, clean and very healthy and ready for taming. Above all, we deliver everywhere in the UK same day or you can visit. This article has been written with intent to give new owners Alexandrine Parrot Information

Baby Alexandrine Talking Parrot Care and Diet:

Many of our owners buy them due to their vibrant color. These birds love to bath so keep a big bathing bowel in their cage afterwards, don’t give them a bath they will have it themselves when they want. They are also good chewers so keep a piece of timber wood or some leaves in their cage so that they don’t chew on your house cables. Try adding up perches in their cage as all parrots love perches.

Alexandrine parrot care is not that hard by the way they are easily managed by the owners. Clip their feathers in an accurate and clean-full manner also never trim their nails rather file it if you are hand taming your pet friend. If we talk about their diet, Alexandrine parrot are not fussy eaters. Provide them with seeds and mix pallets, fresh fruits and vegetables. They do get moody at times but don’t worry about it. In general any food good for parrots are good for them. Make sure you place fresh water container all the time in their cage as they get thirsty a lot.

Alexandrine Parrot cost – Talking Parrots for Sale in UK:

We are selling Alexandrine Parrot hand tamed babies from £225. Keep visiting our website because time on time we also announce the Alexandrine ringneck parrots for sale. They are around 3 to 4 months old. If you are looking for alexandrine parrot training, this is the best age. We have tamed parrots which are tamed at home with special instructions. We are also selling baby parrots

At what age do parrot start talking?

If we specifically talk about alexandrine parrot, these parrots will start producing un-cleared voices at the young age of 12 months. As we have mentioned earlier these birds are excellent at mimicking but they do get noisy most of the time, in order to reduce noise keep on talking with them time by time.

Baby alexandrine talking Parrot Who among us doesn’t like this cute little bundle of joys with their sweet voices? These fuss free pets are all you need to have in your house. Are you ready to buy them and get out of boring life? Do ponder over it.

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