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Guinea pigs make great family pets. They are very sociable and very active. Guinea pigs like social connection with humans and other  g. Pigs and can be kept as indoor pets, it is best to keep them in minimum of a pair. Here at Birds4U, we often stock a variety of breeds, shapes, sizes, and colour variations. Please contact us for availability. In addition, providing space for the guinea pig is important. Allowing them an area to hide away to relax will prevent them from becoming frightened or anxious. More so, if your g. pig is in a free-reign room, ensure all electrical cables are kept covered as well as anything not wanting to be chewed. Reducing noise and excessive handling can prevent stress.

Living up to 5-yrs they can be highly active up to 20 hrs a day only sleeping for shorter periods. Firstly, the guinea pig diet should consist of Hay for fibre and aid in good digestion. More importantly, guinea pigs cannot manufacture Vitamin C so require this from their diet. A good quality pre-mix such as muesli or pellet mix can be purchased and supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Here at Birds4U we stock a wide variety of animals including birds, hamsters, tropical and cold water fish. Viewings are always welcome please Contact us for more information or visit our Facebook page for more information on livestock availability.




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