Mississippi Map Turtles


Mild tempered and highly active in water the Mississippi map turtle is can be an ideal pet provided that are given adequate space and enrichment within their tank. Although excessive handling can be stressful they are great to watch sporting beautiful shell markings and highly curious personalities.

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Here at Birds4U pet shop we can offer advice on the best care tips to care for your turtle. Smaller of the turtle species, the Mississippi map turtle is a friendly and sociable species. Popular for their stunning patterned shells that have a green-brown backing and vibrant yellow line markings. They look very similar to map markings hence their name. Not straying far from water, they feed whilst swimming. Enjoying an omnivorous diet they will only feed in water. They will occasionally come onto land to bask. Aquariums that offer both water and a form of basking platform are best including a UVB lamp. These prevent any behavioral stress or fungal infections. Minimum tank width should be 1200mm with a height of 300mm to allow swimming. Aquariums around 600mm are fine for juvenile turtles but this will require upgrading as they grow.

Mississippi map turtles don’t enjoy being handled excessively but they are mild tempered and often docile. Very active in water and making them great pets to watch. Waters in the enclosure should be kept treated and clean as to avoid any unnecessary stress. Adding of foliage rocks and a variety of wood pieces can offer enrichment for the turtles. Growing up to five inches for males and 10 for females, they can happily live in small groups (dependent on enclosure size). Female map turtles are dominant in larger groups so ensuring a limited number within the enclosure can help prevent any problems.



All our turtles here at Birds4U come from reliable and ethical sources, for more information Contact us or visit our Facebook page for livestock availability and updates.

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