Birds4U® – Talking parrots, Aquatics and more…

Here a Birds4U® we offer a variety of talking parrots, including Indian ring necks, Quakers and Conure varieties including Jenday, Sun and Pineapple, Alexandrian, Amazon parrots and African Grey’s. Other livestock includes tropical and cold water Fish, Hamsters and Rabbits.

We stock a variety of Pet foods, cages, fish Tanks and accessories best suited to your needs. We can offer expert advice on the best care for your new pets and ensure you have everything you need to get started.

Our opening times are from 10:00am to 6:00pm everyday, Sunday we close at 4:00pm (We offer out of hours visits, available via appointment for our talking parrots after 6pm, please contact us for more information)

Please call before travelling to our store. Alternatively Contact us or visit our Facebook page for more information and livestock availability.

Birds4U, 35 New Town shopping center, Aston, Birmingham, B192SS

Licensed to Masod, Licence by B C C, LN/ 0000031

Delivery Options

Courier delivery can be arranged on every Thursday, Booking cutoff time 2pm Sunday, any booking after cut off time will delivered flowing week . We are offering privet delivery to our customers as well means driver will pick up from us and come to you straightaway so no stress for the bird. Privet delivery can be arranged any day of your choice . Only Food, Toys and cage can be Dispatch next day via Royal Mail. for more information on <strong>07400944876</strong>

Here at Birds4U we hold a large variety of aquatic livestock including:

Tropical Fish (Angelfish, Molly’s and Tetras)

Cold water (Goldfish & fantails)

We stock all size of tanks, food and accessories to get your started including water test kits, filters and decorations.