Hello and welcome to Birds4U pet shop, starting off as a hobby keeping budgies and canaries our interests in breeding and homing birds has developed into a business we are very proud of. We have gained a allot of experience and knowledge over the years, which has helped us in bringing more exotic and bigger species of birds. We now hold a variety of species including Indian ring neck parrots, African grey, Alexandrian parrots, Conures including green cheeked and sun conure and smaller variations including Quakers, cockatiels, budgies and love birds.

Fully licensed and qualified to sell exotic birds, we take the upmost care when ensuring all livestock is healthy and enriched when in our store ready to go to their new homes. offering specialist advice, we can advise on the best way to care for your birds and other animals and help find the best bird pet suited to you with knowledge care and understanding. Trading since 2008 we have a vast variety of birds and other pets available, we welcome any customers to visit our store. Please call ahead to ensure livestock availability. Some species are extremely popular including African grey parrots and Indian ring necks. They may not always be readily available.

We are based at Birds4U Pet Shop, New Town Shopping Center, Aston Birmingham UK, B192SS. We can offer delivery services which has expanded our customer base to many across England, Wales and Scotland. We regularly update our website/ Facebook page on availability including photos and information on each species.

Thank you for visiting our website, for any further information of inquiries contact us on 07400944876.