Baby blue ringneck talking parrot:

If you are looking for a talkative and easy to handle pet companion, believe us you have come to the right place. We are going to talk about Baby blue ringneck talking parrot precisely in today’s article. It is their sweet and talkative voice which makes them so popular among owners. Whether you own one or are new to the pet world, we have answers to simple yet frequently asked questions related to blue ringneck parrot.

Blue Indian ringneck parrot price:

As seen by the name these birds are originated from India. Blue Ring neck parrot prices start from £140 to £175 depending on their age, we are the cheapest seller in UK and we are offering the blue ringneck parrot in the ages of 3 to 4 months which is the perfect time to tame them. All our birds are clean, neat and healthy so you don’t have to worry about anything. We know the value of your money and we appreciate your consideration and that is why we have offered baby Indian ringneck for sale. Yes! you can buy your favorite blue Indian ringneck for sale price.

Talking age and lifespan:

The blue ringneck talking age starts from as early as 8 months or as late as 12 months of age. Remember! This always depends on your ringneck Parrot talking training, so basically all you have to do is to keep on speaking words with stress and the more you repeat the more they will learn to speak those words. The average life span of this pet is 20 years but in the right environment they tend to live for even 30 years.

Blue Indian ringneck care:

These birds are active, energetic and playful. Because of this try buying a cage that has a lot of space in it, we will appreciate if you buy an exclusive cage we made for this parrot the description is below this article. Blue ringneck birds are very social pets and need their owners to be around them most of the time and if you are not present at home try buying a pair so that your pet friend does not feel alone. The cage would need to be cleaned out everyday, file their nails every 6 months and also visit the vet once a year we offer free services to our customers of wing clipping, nail filing etc


Baby blue ringneck are vegetarians and enjoy a variable diet consisting of fruit, vegetable and seeds. They also like to drink water so we recommend checking their water supply once a day. You can provide them with cucumber, carrots, broccoli, apples, grapes and all sorts of cabbage. You can also give them a treat in form of seeds. However we recommend if you do not give them excessive seed as it causes obesity in them.

No pet is better than baby blue ringneck talking parrot. This pet is perfect addition to your house and its sweet and innocent voice makes everyone’s heart melt. In this article we have informed our buyers some very useful facts regarding blue ringneck parrots that they need to know if they are planning to buy.




We all know animals are human’s best friend. Humans prefer animals that are friendly and easy to tame. When it comes to friendly pets how can we forget about baby Quaker Parrots? Quaker parrots are very social even by Parrot standard. We are offering Quaker parrot in the ages of 3-4 months when they have the maximum potential of learning. In this article we are going to teach you all about baby Quaker Parrot care. Keep scrolling down for more info.

What is the Quaker Parrot Price?

The price of Quaker parrot varies from place to place. We are however selling neat and clean green Baby Quaker Parrot at a price of £90 each. The blue baby Quaker Parrot and yellow baby Quaker parrot which is super cute is around £130 – £150. We know the value of money and that is the only reason why we have kept the price pocket friendly.

Quaker Parrot Talking Ability

As we have tamed so many Quaker Parrots we are assuring you that these parrots have an extra ordinary skill of talking and learning. Not only that, it learns everything pretty fast. Quaker parrot talking age begins when the parrot is almost 9 months, at this period they start catching small sentences or words spoken with energy. We are providing our customers both with green, yellow and blue Quaker Parrots. Some happy feedback did claim that blue Quaker parrot talking abilities are a little less than the green or yellow ones but they are known for their most affectionate behavior. Based on our experience, you do not have to worry as each Parrot has its own unique nature like Human beings.

Quaker Parrot Care:

All our Quaker parrots have been very talkative and friendly but once you buy them they need constant attention of their owners. We have brought them up like babies. Not only that we have took care of them in a very homely environment so that we can provide you people with more pet and less wild Quaker Parrot. Good news is if you brought up them in the right environment Quakers can be your loving companions for year’s even decades. Here are some of the tips we want to give to our customers after buying baby Quaker Parrots:

Tips for Baby Quaker Parrot care:

  • Quaker parrot cages should not be wide, that is why we came up with customised wide and narrow bar cages because these little cuties can easily escape from cages that contains widely spaced bars.
  • We have provided Quaker Parrot with variety of food so try adding different forms of foods in Quaker Parrot diet because they can easily get bored from the same diet. We have mentioned earlier that we have realised they act just like small babies who get bored by eating the same food over and over again. You can choose from seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Never provide them with chocolate, caffeine and avocado as all of them are highly toxic for parrots.
  • As you can already see from the images we have provided, the cage needs a clean daily because your playful mate tends to get messy.
  • We have regular health meetings regarding our Quaker Parrots and we will appreciate if you can do the same, it can save them from unexpected mortality.
  • Please try to protect them from other pets in house because Quakers are somewhat foolish and do not have much sense about their protection.
  •  They are extremely talented and if you don’t trim their feather they learn escape ways pretty fast. If you are uncertain about clipping method we can guide you about that too or we provide a free service for our customers.
  • Try to play with them in your free time and teach them commands starting from simple ones. We are promising on their playful nature and you will love it just like we do
  • Last but not least! You have to embrace their chaotic nature because honestly it is part of Quaker parrot personality.

Buy From Us:

If you are really into smart talkative pets why don’t you buy baby Quaker parrot from us. We are providing the customers with healthy, neat and clean feathered baby Quaker Parrots. They are intelligent, and most of all a lot of fun. If you provide the right environment they are going to be your best friend forever. We deal with Baby Quaker Parrots on super affordable rates. The blue, green and yellow baby Quaker parrots. Buy them and you will appreciate them.




Alexandrine parrot talking training:

Alexandrine parrots are the hybrid of Indian and African grey ring neck parrots. These are five times bigger than the ringneck parrot. In this article we are going to give you some information on alexandrine parrot talking training. We have raised all the parrots including Alexandrine Parrot in a very homely Environment. If you have bought your Alexandrine parrot or thinking of buying, keep reading and you will get to know everything you need to about this beautiful and intelligent bird.

Alexandrine parrot price:

Before beginning this topic, let us tell you a little bit about us, we are based in Birmingham, we offer a wide variety of parrots at an affordable price. You can visit us in person to see the parrots or book a delivery anywhere in the UK, Wales and Scotland.

Alexandrine parrot prices start from £225 to £325 each depending on age of parrot which is great news for all those owners who are on budget. Alexandrine parrot for sale these days so hurry up and call us to make arrangements. Alexandrine parrot baby feeding is a responsibility and can be a very difficult task so that’s why we normally sell Alexandrine parrots at the age of 3 to 4 months (this is the best age of taming the parrot according to your wish)

When do alexandrine parrots start talking?

If you start hand feeding the alexandrine parrot after you purchase from us, alexandrine parrot talking age should begin anywhere from 8 months to 12 months. Some also start talking after a year and before that they start mumbling words in order to clear their voice.

What is Alexandrine Parrot life span?

By far we can only tell if you properly cared for the parrot, it will live up to 40 years or even more. Remember it is always about your environment. We have given our parrots an environment where they do not get neglected, it is highly recommended by us if you can do the same so that your parrot will not find ways of escape.

Alexandrine Parrot diet:

You will be happy to know that these parrots eat everything human being eats. Since they are larger than other parrots, we will recommend you give them larger portions and avoid giving them too much seeds and nuts. Here is alexandrine parrot food list:

  • Fresh fruits like apples, grapes, bananas, plums, pomegranate and raisins.
  • Fresh vegetables: potato, yams, okra and green chillies.
  • Whole grains like brown, white rice, oatmeal, pasta ,barley and quinoa

Alexandrine Parrot care:

They are like all other parrots chewing machines so you have to keep rubber stuff away from their reach. Their cage should be tall enough to accommodate their long tails. We have cages in stock exclusively for alexandrine parrots. They are usually calm but you should not let small or other family parrot come near to them as they might get aggressive. They self -cleanse themselves and Alexandrine talking ability is not hidden from anyone as they are quite intelligent than most of the other parrots types. Any word spoken with stress, they will easily pick it.

This article is about Alexandrine parrot talking training. In this article we have shared common alexandrine parrot facts. We are selling this parrot on an affordable price; all the parrots are neat, clean and healthy.




 The sun conure originates from Northern Brazil and South America,The sun conure is one of the more popular conure’s of its size due to its stunning plumage, its extraordinary disposition, and its exceptional quality as a companion bird. Sun conure’s are lively, vocal, and expressive this is a bird best known for its beauty and its big mouth. The Immature birds do not reach their full coloration for about two years. Though the coloration between the sexes is very similar, the males are said to be slightly brighter. Males are also said to have a squarer, flatter head and females a rounder, smaller head. These birds are very playful, lying on their backs or dangling from a rope toy they are forever amusing. They are also easily trained, but will bite if provoked. This is a good family bird and will not “turn” on family members if they are kind and attentive to the bird. They are not the loudest of conures, but they are a vocal species and will scream, without exception they are known for their noise but they are not as noisy as a canary, but it’s the quality of the voice that matters they have a good quality sound. They are known to be an good talker and singer. Sun Conures are known for its beauty and beautiful colours. The average Life Spent is around 20 years.