Blue Ring Neck Talking Parrot, 18 month old Male


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  1. Blue Ring Neck Talking Parrots Male,

18 month old young Male, this is the best age to teach him to talk as he has started to make different sounds and trying to talk.

We are home based with very healthy, neat and clean fully feathered parrots that are kept indoors in a clean environment.

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Price: Blue ring neck for £150 each.

Brand new Good size Top open cage available for Extra.

Parrots come with food pack, care sheet and travel box.

We can provide wing clipping and nail file free for customers.

We are based in Birmingham, for more information please visit birds4u . net or contact us on 07400944876

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Male Ringneck Talking parrot:

Ringneck parrots have a potential of becoming excellent pets. They are active and energetic almost all their life. Their behaviour depends mostly on how you take care of them and how you behave with them. They are well socialised and possess an extremely excellent personality. They are quick command learners and it doesn’t take them long to learn what you teach them. This article is going to teach you small yet necessary information every ringneck male talking parrot owner needs to know.

Indian Ringneck behavior:

Ringneck parrots are energetic parakeets who love flying a lot. The first thing you will teach them is to not fly without clipping there wings. Ringneck parrots love toys as they want to be entertained 24/7 by the owners. You must handle them consistently so that they do not revert to wild behavior. Ringneck talking parrot’s talking ability varies with each individual, some speak a lot and some don’t. This also depends on how you are taming the ringneck talking parrot.

Some people also think male ringneck parrot is friendlier than female, for us it is a false conception as there is no evident basis to this theory. Ringneck talking parrot gets jealous of other family member or pet closer to the owner easily. In extreme cases they might attack the other person so keep an open eye on it. They are chewing machine and can chew anything including wires and cables. Male ringneck parrot are also a little noisy.

Indian Ringneck breeding:

Before introducing male ringneck parrot into the female ringneck parrot cage special measures are to be taken. Female ringneck guards her territory and gets aggressive when seeing the male ringneck. If not supervised she might kill the male ringneck companion. Before introducing make sure the male ringneck cage should be placed right next to the female ringneck. She will start showing interest in the male slowly by clinging to the side of cage where male ringneck’s cage is placed. If she doesn’t show much interest keep them in new cage in new location.

Try clipping the female ring neck’s wings very short and the male ringneck’s wings should be long so that he might save himself from attack. During breeding season both the mates become too affectionate toward each other and spend most of the time in nest till first egg is laid. All our parrots are parent fed and raised in a parrot friendly environment, we do not recommend hand feeding ringneck baby parrots in the UK because they are weak birds when they are babies and the weather in the UK can cost the life of the baby Indian ringneck parrot.  Our parrots are important to us and we are best at what we do. So if you are in search of Parrot breeder in UK give us a try and you will definitely love our service.

Ringneck male talking parrot are extremely talented pets that are loved by almost everyone. They are active and energetic, and love their owners to death. They need constant attention from owners in order to behave less wild and for socialising. This article is comprehensive explanation about the ring neck parrot’s general behavior and their breeding techniques.

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