Gerty Guinea Pig Complete Muesli is a nutritionally complete food suitable for guinea pigs of all ages. Delicious ingredients such as maize, oats, wheat, beans and lucerne make this a balanced diet for guinea pigs that encourages natural foraging behavior. We add Vitamin C because it is essential for the health of guinea pigs, since (like us humans), they can’t produce their own. Look out for the orange flower biscuits in the Gerty mix to know you’re feeding the right diet with the right amount of Vitamin C. Fresh hay and water should always be freely available, along with a small daily handful of yummy fresh greens. This product provides a nutritionally complete and balanced diet with no added sugars, to prevent obesity-related health problems. Fixed formula recipe prevents digestive upset, and added Vitamin C (250mg/kg) is an essential daily dietary requirement. It is rich in natural ingredients and suitable for all breeds. It promotes the optimum health of small pets.