Liberta Gama Cage


This item is made from completely safe materials including chew safe wood, metal and secure closures to ensure the safety of your pet. We can offer expert advice on which cage would be best suited to your pet and budget so please feel free to contact us for more information.


Suitable for larger sized parrots including African grey, Amazon, as well as smaller parrots. The Liberta Gama parrot cage is beautifully designed with an open top to with extra perch to keep it open. It offers space and a safe/ comfortable living environment for your bird with room for accessories. Above all it allows for your birds movement and exercise, for instance it is spacious enough for the adding of toys and treats without hindering the bird’s movement.


Included in the parrot cage:

Wooden perches x2

Metal Food and water bowl x2

Large swing open front door x1

Open top for easy access x1

Safety grill x1

Removable bottom tray for easy cleaning

Stand x1


W 52.5 x D 52 x H 134cm (External)

W 51 x D51 x H 69.5cm (Internal)

1.5cm bar spacing, this cage us usable with or without the accompanied stand.

The Liberta Gama parrot cage is delivered flat packed, in a box. However, assembly is  quick and simple. Importantly the cage comes with clear instructions. We stock a wide variety of accessories suitable for this cage.

To view our range please visit our store. We are based at  35 New town Shopping Centre, Aston, Birmingham, B19 2SS. We can offer expert advice on the best accessories for your pets to keep them happy and healthy, including birds cages and accessories. Our opening timings are Monday to Sunday 10.00 to 6:00pm

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