We have large range of Tropical and cold water fish Available

Here at Birds4U Birmingham we sell a wide variety of Cold water and tropical fish. This includes:

  • Goldfish Variations including black moors
  • Mollies
  • fantails
  • Angelfish

And many more, we hold a wide variety of tanks, filters, Decorations, lighting and and water chemical control kits to ensure the health and happiness of your fish. We can offer the best advice on the most appropriate set up for your chosen fish and help cater to your budget. All our fish come with a care sheet to help guide you on tank set up and cleaning/ feeding.

Cold water and tropical fish cannot be put together, their water temperature requirements are very different and need to be regulated. Many fish species can however be housed together to create communal tanks so long as they are all either cold water or tropical.



Fish make wonderful entertaining pets, but learning how to take care of fish is essential to prevent any unwanted problems. Providing enough space for your fish is needed to allow them to swim around unhindered. If you have more than one fish they should be able to swim around without being overly crowded and bumping into each other. Some fish like Beta fish are better housed alone as they will bully and fight other fish. Space allows your fish to explore and grow and a the biggest tank your budget will allow can help this. Maintenance is fairly straightforward.


check your temperature every day, remove decaying plants and any uneaten food


Regular checks on PH every week, every 2 weeks (or as needed) remove 25% of the water and replace with fresh water. At least once a year completely empty the tank and deep clean all gravel, decorations and glass

It is essential to keep the water in your tank balanced with appropriate PH levels for your fish. If the water becomes too acidic or alkalized it can be fatal for your fish. Each breed of fish can have a different PH requirements so please research beforehand. The PH will shift naturally over time as water evaporates or items are added or removed from the tank. This is why PH should be checked regularly. Altering the PH can be done artificially through chemical add-ins, or naturally which is better with addition of moss and driftwood. All inclusive Kits are available to check PH, ammonia levels as well as nitrates from our shop.


It is important to understand your fish’s dietary requirements. Some fish require live food such as shrimp or worms whilst other require algae or general fish flakes. Once you understand their requirements it’s important never to
overfeed them. Overeating can have negative effects on your fish’s health and old food can also contaminate the water. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines or visit your local veterinarian for information on the best amount to feed your fish. We stock both tropical and cold water fish food including pelleted and flaked.

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