Vitamin Drops


Vitamin drops for cage birds
We recommend these vitamin drops to help promote and maintain good health and vitality in cage birds. The birds don’t get the full nutrients from the food that they intake and the vitamins give them the missing nutrients.

Instruction on how to use Vitamin Drops for birds
It is essential to clean and disinfect drinking and feeding equipment when giving vitamins on a daily basis. Shake the bottle well before use, for small birds e.g budgies and canaries 1 to 2 drops per 50ml water, Medium birds e.g Ringnecks, Quakers and Conures 3 to 4 drops per 50ml and for Large Birds e.g Alexandrian s, Amazons and Cockatoo’s up to 10 drops.

Alternatively estimate the birds feed intake and add appropriate number of drops to the feed.


Vitamin Drops

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