Baby Alexanderin Talking Parrot , Hand Reared Babies.


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Baby Alexandrien ,Hand Reared Babies

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Alexandrine parrot talking training:

Alexandrine parrots are the hybrid of Indian and African grey ring neck parrots. These are five times bigger than the ringneck parrot. In this article we are going to give you some information on alexandrine parrot talking training. We have raised all the parrots including Alexandrine Parrot in a very homely Environment. If you have bought your Alexandrine parrot or thinking of buying, keep reading and you will get to know everything you need to about this beautiful and intelligent bird.

Alexandrine parrot price:

Before beginning this topic, let us tell you a little bit about us, we are based in Birmingham, we offer a wide variety of parrots at an affordable price. You can visit us in person to see the parrots or book a delivery anywhere in the UK, Wales and Scotland.

Alexandrine parrot prices start from £225 to £325 each depending on age of parrot which is great news for all those owners who are on budget. Alexandrine parrot for sale these days so hurry up and call us to make arrangements. Alexandrine parrot baby feeding is a responsibility and can be a very difficult task so that’s why we normally sell Alexandrine parrots at the age of 3 to 4 months (this is the best age of taming the parrot according to your wish)

When do alexandrine parrots start talking?

If you start hand feeding the alexandrine parrot after you purchase from us, alexandrine parrot talking age should begin anywhere from 8 months to 12 months. Some also start talking after a year and before that they start mumbling words in order to clear their voice.

What is Alexandrine Parrot life span?

By far we can only tell if you properly cared for the parrot, it will live up to 40 years or even more. Remember it is always about your environment. We have given our parrots an environment where they do not get neglected, it is highly recommended by us if you can do the same so that your parrot will not find ways of escape.

Alexandrine Parrot diet:

You will be happy to know that these parrots eat everything human being eats. Since they are larger than other parrots, we will recommend you give them larger portions and avoid giving them too much seeds and nuts. Here is alexandrine parrot food list:

  • Fresh fruits like apples, grapes, bananas, plums, pomegranate and raisins.
  • Fresh vegetables: potato, yams, okra and green chillies.
  • Whole grains like brown, white rice, oatmeal, pasta ,barley and quinoa

Alexandrine Parrot care:

They are like all other parrots chewing machines so you have to keep rubber stuff away from their reach. Their cage should be tall enough to accommodate their long tails. We have cages in stock exclusively for alexandrine parrots. They are usually calm but you should not let small or other family parrot come near to them as they might get aggressive. They self -cleanse themselves and Alexandrine talking ability is not hidden from anyone as they are quite intelligent than most of the other parrots types. Any word spoken with stress, they will easily pick it.

This article is about Alexandrine parrot talking training. In this article we have shared common alexandrine parrot facts. We are selling this parrot on an affordable price; all the parrots are neat, clean and healthy.

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