Myna Bird


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Baby Crested Myna Talking Bird .

Very good talkers and the is the best time to teach them to talk, healthy neat and clean bird,

Around  5 month old young babies,

very friendly, take food from my hand and love to stay out of cage

Whistling / singing and making some sounds,

Price : £225 Each,

Brand new Good size Top open cage available for Extra.

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Mynah Bird

A confident and a little aggressive Mynah bird, the common Mynah has adapted well to the urban environment, making it one of the most abundant and familiar Mynah birds in Asia.

Common Mynah Bird

The Common Mynah is brown with a black head. It has a yellow bill, legs and bare eye skin. In flight it shows large white wing patches. The Common Mynah is a member of the starling family and is also known as the Indian Mynah.

 Similar species to Mynah Birds 

The Common Mynah Bird is sometimes confused with the slightly larger (24 cm – 29 cm), although both species have similar common names, the Noisy Miner is actually a native honeyeater. Both have yellow bills, legs and bare eye skin, but the Common Mynah Bird is brown with a black head and in flight it shows large white wing patches. The Noisy Miner is mostly grey. The Common Mynah Bird is closely associated with human habitation. In the evening, large groups of Common Mynah Birds gather in communal roosts, mainly in the non-breeding season, in roof voids, bridges, and large trees, and numbers can reach up to several thousands.

Mynah Bird feed

Common Mynah Birds, feed on insects, meal worms, fruits such as apples and grapes and some vegetables. Common Mynah birds, particularly enjoy feeding on insects and meal worms. If you would like to teach Mynah Birds some tricks or you would like to train them, then you are able to easily with meal worms.

Common Mynah Bird Life Span

Mynah Birds usually live up to 20 years, they are very active and a little aggressive Mynah birds throughout their life.

Common Mynah Bird Talking

Mynah Birds are very talkative birds and you can teach them many words and the Mynah Birds have a human like voice.

Mynah Birds are also very good whistlers and singers, the best age to teach the Mynah Birds to talk is when the Mynah Bird is about 1 year old.


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