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Blue Ringneck Talking Parrot known as very good talkers, we re-home the Ringneck Parrots when they are ready around 16 to 18 weeks when they are full ready to leave their parents as Ringnecks are one of the weakest birds with a weak immune system and if they are hand reared then they are even more weaker that’s why we dont hand rear Ringneck Parrots. The best time to re-home them is when they are between 4 to 5 months old.

Viewing most welcome and we recommend that you visit and see all of the parrots available to make a selection of your choice or delivery can be arranged anywhere in the UK, Wales and Scotland.

Brand new Good size Top open cage available for Extra.

Parrots come with care sheet and Article, Please bring a pet carrier or you can buy one from our pet store

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Product Description

We understand the need to have a pet. Different people see pets with different point of views. Some may take them as their kids, some think of them as partners and some consider them the reason of happiness. Above all we are here to cater and respect your need of having a pet. If you want a playful yet talkative pet, we recommend having a parrot as a pet especially Ringneck Parrots. This article is going to be a precise outlook on Ringneck parrots as pet.


Ringneck parrots have become the most popular pet over the years. These birds are known for their exceptional talking abilities and our customers usually praise their excellent vocabulary. Thy have this amazing voice clarity. Indian ringneck parrot talking ability has made these parrots famous among other parrots.

About us:

We are the largest Parrot seller in the UK. All our breed are neat, clean and very healthy and above that sold on a pocket friendly price. Not just it, we have been offering our service to thousands of happy customers all around UK. We deliver your pet in the same day no matter which part of UK you live in, or you can pickup. We appreciate all our customers and hope you will consider buying your pet from us soon.

Talking age and life expectancy:

The life expectancy of these little friends is 20 to 25 years but we have also come across few instances in which this parrot has lived up to the age of 35 years. We are selling these little bundles of joys at the age of 3 and 4 months because at this age you can perfectly tame them according to your own wish. Keep in mind the ringneck talking age starts from 1 year.

Indian ringneck behavior:

Ringnecks love chewing almost anything they find. If you don’t tame them right they might end up chewing house wires and cables. Offer them healthy chewing option like natural wood branches. While taking care of them we have seen some potential jealousy elements in them. They get attached to their human friend very soon and if they feel threatened for you they might attack even larger animals. We are betting that you are going to love their possessive nature. Last but not least, your pet friends like to make different forms of noise which honestly get a bit annoying. So if you don’t like this very fact, one of the best Indian ringneck training tips is to repeatedly speak words with them in order to make them less screeching and noisy.

Ringneck parrot care:

First of all your ringneck loves their cage, so make sure you buy a spacious cage for them. Observing their behavior, we have come up with a customised cage for your pet friend. We will highly recommend you to buy that cage because that cage has been designed according to ringneck’s needs. Ringnecks are social birds so ringneck care involves an abundant time each day for socialising even if they differ in personality. Try visiting your pet friend for a yearly checkup to a good vet.

Ringneck parrot diet:

Indian ringneck food list includes a healthy and well balanced diet. They usually require fresh fruits such as apples, grapes, strawberries, nuts and vegetables. You can offer the ringneck parrot seeds or even mixed pellet but make sure to give them in moderation so that they won’t get obese. Among fruits Ringnecks mostly love banana, kale, apple and strawberries.

Indian ringneck parrot price:

We are providing you with a number of Ringneck parrots on a pocket friendly price. Even better is a limited time Sale on ringneck parrots:

Here are some Indian Ringneck Parrots for sale that you can found on our website:

Ringneck Parrot Original price Sale price
Ø  Baby grey ringneck talking parrots £140 £120
Ø  Baby blue ringneck talking parrot £160 £140
Ø Baby Green Ringneck parrot £95 £85


Pets are our best friend who not only love us unconditionally but are also there in our blue times. So choose your pet wisely. One pet that is almost adored and loved by everyone out there are Ring neck parrots. They are fun, they are lovable and they are naughty. We have written this article for all those who are willing to purchase this playful little pal from us. Hope you like our services.

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