Baby Blue RingNeck Talking Parrot, 3 Months Old Babies

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Baby Blue Ring Neck Talking Parrots,

3 to 4 month old young babies, this is the best age to tame and teach them to talk as they have started to make different sounds.

very healthy, neat and clean fully feathered parrots that are kept indoors in a clean environment.

Viewing most welcome and we recommend that you visit and see all of the parrots available to make a selection of your choice or delivery can be arranged anywhere in the UK, Wales and Scotland.

Price: Blue ring neck for £140 each and different colours available, prices vary.

Brand new Good size Top open cage available for Extra.

Parrots come with care sheet and Article, Please bring a pet carrier or you can buy one from our pet store

We are based in Hallgreen Birmingham, B28 8AE.

Our opening timings are Monday to Sunday 11am to 6:30pm

For more information please contact us on 07400944876

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Baby blue ringneck talking parrot:

If you are looking for a talkative and easy to handle pet companion, believe us you have come to the right place. We are going to talk about Baby blue ringneck talking parrot precisely in today’s article. It is their sweet and talkative voice which makes them so popular among owners. Whether you own one or are new to the pet world, we have answers to simple yet frequently asked questions related to blue ringneck parrot.

About us:

Before going into detail, let us talk a little bit about our self, we are based in Birmingham and we cover customers from all over the UK, Wales & Scotland. We have almost all the variety of parrots that are very young babies so that you can tame them according to your own choice. Our birds are neat, clean and very healthy.

Blue Indian ringneck parrot price:

As seen by the name these birds are originated from India. Blue Ring neck parrot prices start from £140 to £175 depending on their age, we are the cheapest seller in UK and we are offering the blue ringneck parrot in the ages of 3 to 4 months which is the perfect time to tame them. All our birds are clean, neat and healthy so you don’t have to worry about anything. We know the value of your money and we appreciate your consideration and that is why we have offered baby Indian ringneck for sale. Yes! you can buy your favorite blue Indian ringneck for sale price.

Talking age and lifespan:

The blue ringneck talking age starts from as early as 8 months or as late as 12 months of age. Remember! This always depends on your ringneck Parrot talking training, so basically all you have to do is to keep on speaking words with stress and the more you repeat the more they will learn to speak those words. The average life span of this pet is 20 years but in the right environment they tend to live for even 30 years.

Blue Indian ringneck care:

These birds are active, energetic and playful. Because of this try buying a cage that has a lot of space in it, we will appreciate if you buy an exclusive cage we made for this parrot the description is below this article. Blue ringneck birds are very social pets and need their owners to be around them most of the time and if you are not present at home try buying a pair so that your pet friend does not feel alone. The cage would need to be cleaned out everyday, file their nails every 6 months and also visit the vet once a year we offer free services to our customers of wing clipping, nail filing etc


Baby blue ringneck are vegetarians and enjoy a variable diet consisting of fruit, vegetable and seeds. They also like to drink water so we recommend checking their water supply once a day. You can provide them with cucumber, carrots, broccoli, apples, grapes and all sorts of cabbage. You can also give them a treat in form of seeds. However we recommend if you do not give them excessive seed as it causes obesity in them.

No pet is better than baby blue ringneck talking parrot. This pet is perfect addition to your house and its sweet and innocent voice makes everyone’s heart melt. In this article we have informed our buyers some very useful facts regarding blue ringneck parrots that they need to know if they are planning to buy.

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