Sun Conures

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We have Sun conures available. They are untamed babies around 8 months old making them the perfect age for taming and bonding with regular human interaction. Males and females are available however sexing at such a young age can not always be accurate.

Brand new Good size Top open cage available at additional cost. All parrots come with care sheet and Article to help care for your new pet, Please bring a pet carrier or you can buy one from our pet store.

We are based at  35 New town Shopping Center, Aston, Birmingham, B19 2SS.

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A favorite within our parrot species here at Birds4U. Sun conures are adored for their exotic beauty and their bright, vibrant colors. Sporting bright orange and yellow feathers with traces or green and blue as they mature. They make a wonderful additions to any home or bird collection.For a small parrot they have big personalities and are very intelligent, Sun conures enjoy interaction with humans frequently, and are often loyal, cuddly and comical with owners. However, the conure parrot can be easily tamed as a result, especially when it is young. This above all will help avoid any aggression as they get older.

For very active birds, enclosures or cages should be large enough to allow them to exercise. In addition we stock a wide range of cages that are suitable for them in stock. A variety of perches and toys will keep them stimulated and allow the,m to play. Additionally, providing additional exercise time, for instance out of cage time to explore and fly as well as the occasional chance to bathe will be beneficial in their care and help them thrive. This in turn prevents them from becoming bored easily. Positive reinforcement and encouragement when taming will allow you to teach your sun conure some words and tricks. Please aim to avoid negative reinforcement as they don’t handle this well. Our baby conures for sale are around 4-5 months old viewings are most welcome, we will always offer guidance and information to help you care for your pet.

We have a variety of conure species in stock here at Birds4U pet shop, Birmingham including Green cheeked conures, Black capped conuresJenday conures and Pineapple conures. Please Contact us for more information or visit our Facebook page for livestock availability and updates.

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