Baby Ring Neck Talking Parrot

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We have baby Indian ring necks available. They are untamed babies around 5-6 months old making them the perfect age for taming and bonding with regular human interaction. Males and females are available however sexing at such a young age can not always be accurate.

Brand new Good size Top open cage available at additional cost. All parrots come with care sheet and Article to help care for your new pet, Please bring a pet carrier or you can buy one from our pet store.

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A very beautiful bird sporting a bright lime green body, blue tail feather and yellow under wings. The Indian ringneck talking parrot, also called a parakeet is a great companion bird. A sweet and comical personality, they are very affectionate species towards owners. This species are known to be exceptional talkers and can learn develop a wide vocabulary range. They are very intelligent and enjoy challenged during training as well as learning new things. Here at Birds4U pet shop, our baby ringneck talking parrots are between 4-5 months old. This is the perfect age for taming and teaching.

In addition, they are very active bird. Requiring allot of attention and care, we do not recommended this bird for inexperienced buyers. Ringneck parrots can become bored very easily. To avoid any self destructive behaviours like feather plucking, offering them a variety of toys, perches and cage accessories will be beneficial. Especially those that allow chewing. For instance, by providing a  large enough cage and enclosure to allow exercise, and ensuring they get out of cage time to wander under supervision can allow them to explore and stretch their wings. We stock a wide range of suitable cages for ringneck talking parrots as well as accessories and toys. Healthy eaters, ring neck parakeets can enjoy a variety of fruit and leafy vegetables alongside their regular pellet or seeded diet.

We stock both males and females baby ringnecks at Birds4U pet shop and can offer expert advice on housing, feeding and general care for your bird, please Contact us for more information or visit our Facebook page for livestock availability and updates.








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