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Green Ring Neck Talking Parrots Male.

18 month old young Male, this is the best age to teach him to talk as he has started to make different sounds and trying to talk. best for breeding purpose. 

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Price: Green ring neck for £195 each.

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Ringneck parrots originate from India and Pakistan, they are very good talking parrots.

They make excellent pets, they have stable personalities and can cope with minimal attention,

this does not mean that they are content alone. Ring necks are marvellous talkers, they can talk very well and hearing them talk can be an enjoyment.

Some ring necks start talking around seven months, while most start around a year. They talk clearly and can easily be understood by strangers. Both males and females are able to talk,

but the male seems to be more gifted but both male and female make excellent pets,

but they are a little aggressive at the start but once they are familiar these parrots they make excellent pets also they  stop eating for one or two days until they settle in their new surroundings, but there is nothing to worry about they will soon return to their routine.

The best way to deal with this situation is that you leave the ringneck alone as soon he has adjusted to his new surroundings they will be fine. The male forms a ring around the neck when he is about 2 years old, the female on the other hand remains the same.

The average Life spent is 15 years.

Male Ringneck Talking Parrots:

Although theses parrots are stigmatized by society for being impossible to keep, but according to us Male ringneck talking parrot are excellent pets. They are known for their stable personality and if even if you are a busy person they can cope up minimal attention. Not just that, so many of our happy customers has given us excellent feedbacks regarding ringneck parrots

About us:

We are Birmingham based online pet shop. If you are to buy male ringneck talking parrot for sale in UK, look no further because we are selling neat and clean bird pets at a super budget friendly rate. If you order from anywhere near UK, we can arrange your delivery within 7 working days. So, we will highly appreciate if you can choose us for you getting your pet friend.


The price we are offering for male ringneck parrot is 140 pounds, as you can already guess the price range is way lesser than any other pet shop you might have visited. The male ringneck parrots are 18 months. If you have already kept the ringneck as a pet than you must know that this is the perfect age for breeding. All our birds are neat, clean and disease free. Not just that, we always try to keep high care of all our bird’s health.


Male ringneck talking parrot makes the wonderful pet. With this age, they easily learn the concepts given to them by the owners. One phenomenal aspect of these pets is that they speak with such clarity in their voice. Luckily we are offering male ringneck in so many colors you can choose from them as you wish.


For a healthy life, the ringneck parrot required a healthy well balanced diet. The base of diet should contain good quality parrots seed or mix pallet. In order to avoid obesity, try to give your ringneck friend seeds in moderation but never forget that seed are an essential source of proteins for parrots. Besides that, your ringneck is crazy about a wide variety of fresh fruits like banana, apple, strawberries and melon. We highly recommend all the users not to give RingNeck parrots avocado as this fruit is highly toxic for your avian friend. Ringneck parrots are also fund of eating vegetables.


One thing to keep in mind is that your ringneck no matter what its personality is always need an active socialization. You know that parrots live in the form of flock in wild so if you want to give your parrot more homely environment consider buying more of them from us. Besides, we are ringneck talking parrot breeder in UK you can buy them in pairs too. Try to open the cage of your ringneck as soon as you return home so that they can bond with you and retreat back to the cage as per their own wish. Buy lots of toys in order to keep ringneck especially male ringneck parrot entertained if you are busy person.


If you love a talkative and extremely playful parrot what is better than to have Male ringneck talking parrot as your pet. These parrots have been stigmatized regarding their impossible nature to keep, but according to us ringneck makes the best pets. All our customers have shared so many happy feedbacks regarding this parrot. If you are currently looking for male ringneck parrots for sale in Birmingham than look no further because we are known for our best quality, neat  and clean parrots all over UK in a budget friendly price.

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