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Syrian hamsters are wonderful pets, small yet inquisitive and very friendly with continual handling. They require an enclosure and cage the biggest your budget can afford. Hamsters are nocturnal and will be most active at night time, they need toys and enrichment to keep them occupied. Many hamster cages for instance come with wheels and tubes to accompany this need.Some novelty-shaped cages (cars, dinosaurs) that have appeared recently on the market. Due to the general restricted range of motion, these are not recommended. The bottom of the cage or enclosure should have thick coat of bedding to allow them to dig and hide.

Hamsters require a good quality diet including and fresh water daily. Therefore, a specialist dry hamster food (Pellets or muesli) supplemented with small amounts of fruits and vegetables in small amounts can provide this for your hamster. Always be sure to remove any uneaten vegetables or fruit after a couple of hours. Hamster safe fruit and veg includes Apples, Pears, Carrots, grapes, spinach and lettuce. We will always give you the best advice and guidance to caring for your new pet.

Syrian hamsters can indeed be kept in groups of the same sex. However, territorial fighting most common with males and injury can occur. Hamsters a very hygienic animals and will groom themselves regularly. Above all,  ensure they have wooden chew sticks to prevent their teeth from overgrowing. This in turn will prevent them chewing on parts of their cages.

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