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5 star

5.0 rating
August 4, 2017

Excellent service.brought him on tuesday.our green neck parrot chicco settling well..another adition to our bundle of joy.


Good Customer Service over all

5.0 rating
July 23, 2017

I am very please with Bird.
Seller has given all required information.
7 Star Service

Asim Chishti

Extremely happy customers!!

5.0 rating
July 7, 2017

We brought our young Indian Ringneck and had a courier service to deliver her. I was very worried at first that it was a scam and no bird would turn up but everything was the exact opposite. I was kept in contact with every step of the way and out new baby arrived on time!!
7 day guarantee was also given.
Breeder that actually cares for his birds.
Extremely happy

Lea T

Trust worthy breeder

5.0 rating
June 27, 2017

I was hesitate to transfer in advance and I was very worried before the parrot delivery. But delivery was on time and good customer service.
Dave , Scotland


Highly satisfied

5.0 rating
June 18, 2017

Very pleased with the service and happy with my new little friend. Bird in good health and settled in well. Reasonably priced which was a bonus!